S-20 Tri-Clamp seal with Pressure Transmitter

S-20 Tri-Clamp seal with Pressure Transmitter Dealer and Distributor in Chennai. Stomach seals are utilized for the assurance of tension estimating instruments in applications with troublesome media. In stomach seal frameworks, the stomach of the stomach seal impacts the detachment of the instrument and the medium. The strain is sent to the estimating instrument by means of the framework fill liquid which is inside the stomach seal framework.

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S-20 Tri-Clamp seal with Pressure Transmitter Dealer and Distributor in Chennai.
For the execution of requesting client applications, there are a wide assortment of plans, materials and framework fill liquids accessible. For additional specialized data on stomach seals and stomach seal frameworks see IN 00.06 "Application, working standard, plans". Because of their clean interaction association, the model 990.22, 990.52 and 990.53 stomach seals are especially well appropriate for food creation, drug and biotechnology applications. The stomach seals can endure the cleaning fume temperatures happening in the SIP processes furthermore in this manner guarantee a sterile association between the medium to be estimated and the stomach seal. Mounting of the stomach seal to the estimating instrument might be made by means of an immediate association, for high temperatures through a cooling component or by means of an adaptable narrow. For the material determination WIKA offers an assortment of arrangements, in which the chest area of the stomach seal and the wetted parts can be made of indistinguishable or various materials. The wetted parts can, as another option, be electropolished.

  • | Applications |
  • Sanitary applications
  • Gases, compressed air, vapour; liquid, pasty, powdery and crystallising media
  • Ultra-pure steam systems
  • Mounting to pipelines and vessels
  • Pressure/vacuum monitoring, e.g. vacuum conveyors, pump monitoring
Size Medium, Large & Extra Large
Color Grey, Blue & Yellow
Length 250 cm
Warranty 1 Months

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